Slutty Brownies

I have an addiction. Admitting that you have a problem….that is step one in the process of curing yourself right?   But what if I don’t want to fix that problem? What if all I want to do is make chocolate treats, indulge and call it day?  Ok, so maybe I have a slight problem.  However because bikini season is not ….tomorrow, I just don’t think I can justify being cut off from my favourite treat. Perhaps just another couple of weeks and then I will address the issue again.

When I came across this “recipe” about a month ago, I just couldn’t ignore it. Now after testing it out myself, just to ensure its user safety, I present to you one of the most decadent indulgent treats I have ever made. Drum roll please… SLUTTY BROWNIES! The Londoner –  came up with these bad boys and they are so very good. So quick, so easy and so irresistible.

Now you better read closely because the recipe is a really tough one to follow. Just kidding… these are called Slutty Brownies for a reason people.

You will need:

One box of Brownie Mix (any kind works, but when in doubt go for Betty Crocker… she makes a mean packaged brownie)

One box of Oreo’s

One box of Chocolate Chip cookie dough mix   (I used Quaker …. they are my favourite!)

Also don’t forget that you will need eggs (probably 2 to 3) and olive oil (probably a couple table spoons) for making these as designated by your packages instructions.

Now that we are ready to make some magic happen, put on your prettiest apron and invite over your girlfriends. While you are waiting for everyone to arrive here is what you are going to do:

1)      Heat your oven to 350 Degrees

2)      Put parchment paper in your brownie pan

3)      Make up your cookie dough as designated by the box and then cover the bottom of your brownie pan with it. Make sure to spread it equally and into the corners as well.

4)      Then cover the cookie dough with a layer of Oreo’s

5)      Then make your brownie mix as the box requires you to and pour that over the Oreo’s and cookie dough.

6)      Pop them in the over for 30 to 35 minutes

And voila! Slutty Brownies are ready to serve after you let them cool for about five minutes. Be careful, they are addictive. I suggest you give them away quickly before you eat them all!